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The treatment offered for capillaries (spider veins)

What are veins? Why do they appear? Veins are tubes that transmit blood in one direction, from the feet back to the heart. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body. The blood that flows in the veins is omnidirectional. This process is enabled through one-way valves which are locked […]

Surgery is unnecessary!

This is indeed true. Surgery is unnecessary for all venous disease conditions. Sclerotherapy is a good and safe alternative.  Your doctor can also prescribe medicines which cannot eliminate the malfunctioning veins, yet they can reduce the symptoms.  Another solution is wearing compression stockings which provide extra support to the lower leg muscles thus increasing venous […]

The treatment offered for the veins

There are various methods used when varicose veins are diagnosed.  The goal of all of these methods is to treat the malfunctioning venous area where the blood is flowing in the wrong direction.  The doctor determines based on the Echography Doppler the most appropriate method to be used for the patient.  One recommended method is […]

Vascular Disease

Without proper treatment, varicose veins can appear. They can cause complications such as ulcers or wounds due to blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs.  Spontaneously or due to light trauma, the varicose vein can break causing hemorrhaging. In addition, a varicose vein can cause a venous infection, a blood clot which blocks […]

Symptoms requiring medical consultation

Pain or irritation in legs during the day which increases during the evening Swollen ankles Muscle cramping or restlessness Red discoloration on skin or itchiness (eczema by the varicose vein) All of these symptoms, or even one of them, point to a vascular disease and must be treated. 

Risk factors of vein disease

Venous insufficiency and especially the appearance of varicose veins are aggravated by prolonged sitting or standing and an overall lack of exercise. The blood which is controlled by gravity does not return properly to the heart through the vein because the muscles are not functioning properly as a pump in order to assist the blood […]

What are varicose veins?

A varicose vein is a swollen protruding vein in which the blood flows backwards. Usually blood in the veins flows from the feet returning to the heart. (The arteries carry the blood in the opposite direction from the heart to the extremities). Valves in the veins control blood flow. If the valves are damaged (they […]

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