Do you suffer from varicose veins? Are you afraid of having surgery? Come for a consultation regarding the most effective and safe alternative available. The treatment is painless and there is no need to undergo surgery.

Do you have red or purple lines on your skin?

Do you have spider veins or discoloration on your legs? Let me offer you the most effective solution.

Are you experiencing cramping or discomfort in your legs? Swelling or heaviness? Come for a consultation today and hear about the solutions I can offer you.

Do you have pain in your legs? Are you afraid it is venous thrombosis? Don’t take the risk and wait! For your convenience, an ultrasound can give a, prompt safe and professional reply.


Are you pregnant? Do you suffer from aching and swelling in your legs? There are solutions available to relieve your pain during pregnancy and to prevent complications.

Do you have diabetes? Do your legs ache when walking? Consult with
Dr. Sarfati to share with you her experience acquired over the past seven years at the Diabetes Center at the Laniado Hospital.



Dr. Susy Sarfati Vascular Doctor

Holding a degree in vascular disease from the Paris Faculty of Medicine
Member of the French Vascular Medicine Society
Member of the College Francais for Vascular Disease
Past member of the vascular surgery department at the European Hospital “Georges Pompidou”
Member of the vascular surgery department at Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

iconmonstr-globe-4-icon-24Address in Tel Aviv: Ramat Aviv Medical Center, First Class Medicine, Einstein 40, Tel Aviv
iconmonstr-smartphone-4-icon-2403 6401234 / 054-2609360

iconmonstr-globe-4-icon-24Address in Netanya: Mall Poleg, Amnon Vetamar 6.st, Floor 1, Netanya
iconmonstr-smartphone-4-icon-240747050889 / 054-2609360

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