Echo-sclerotherapy was first introduced in 1986. This type of injection is painless and is performed by a vascular doctor by means of ultrasound imaging. Foam sclerosant is injected into the inner lining of the vein, giving longer-lasting results than conventional surgery (vein stripping) or modern techniques, such as laser treatments. 

Why is this method so effective?

The foam sclerosant solution causes strong contractions and precise treatment inside the vein. 

The foam solution connects better to the vein wall, prolonging the  contact time inside the vein and sealing off the vein more effectively in a more diffuse and uniform fashion.  

Why is this method safe?

Because foam is used, a smaller dosage of the injected solution is necessary. 

The injection is done under ultrasound supervision, allowing the doctor to observe the progress of the solution and control the quantity and distribution of the solution if it crosses over the veins. 

Why do the results last longer?

Because the foam solution does not mix into the blood and thus does not cause blood clots, the frequent cause of recurrent varicose veins. 

This treatment works differently than surgery. During vein stripping, the surgeon leaves the veins in place, allowing the varicose veins to recur due to new veins being created in the scar tissue (40% approximately within 10 years). 

The technique: 

The vein being treated is viewed by ultrasound as the patient is lying down and punctured with a needle or catheter allowing permanent vison and control of the actions. The thin needle and its injection into the vein are viewed by ultrasound. Anesthetic is unnecessary because the injection is generally painless. 

Walking is recommended immediately after the treatment. The doctor will apply an elastic bandage along the injected vein which will remain there for several days after the treatment. 

You can continue your usual work routine following the treatment. Only sport activities are not recommended during the first two weeks following the treatment. 

The procedure:

A varicose vein is a superficial vein permanently protruding and tortuous in which the blood flows backwards. Destroying this type of vein does not harm the body because it is inefficient anyway. 

The injected solution causes the vein walls to seal together resulting in a hard, fibrous cord which may cause slight pain and pressure.  Within several days the pain disappears and the cord slowly becomes softer until it is completely reabsorbed. The absorption time depends on the size of the treated vein. Aesthetic results are apparent quickly as well as improvement of the symptoms. 

The results

In all of the cases, the patient quickly feels relief of heaviness in their legs and gradually sees improvement of their legs’ aesthetic look whose full effect is within 4 to 12 weeks, as a function of the vein’s initial volume.  

The results are long-lasting, yet because of the genetic factors of varicose veins, the patient must undergo annual medical exams. 

The indications: 

This treatment is recommended for all types of varicose veins (greater saphenous veins, short saphenous veins and lateral).  As well as for recurrent varicose veins after surgical procedures, and then the results are especially satisfying!

In summary: 

The simplicity, safety, long-lasting and quick results, and low cost (because no hospitalization or work absence are necessary) make the Echo-sclerotherapy treatment the best method today for removing all types of varicose veins.  

The treatment is performed by Dr. Susy Sarfati, a vascular doctor, a graduate of the Paris Medical School and vascular specialist at the Laniado Hospital.