Dr. Susy Sarfati Vascular Doctor

Holding a degree in vascular disease from the Paris Faculty of Medicine
Member of the French Vascular Medicine Society
Member of the College Francais for Vascular Disease
Past member of the vascular surgery department at the European Hospital “Georges Pompidou”
Member of the vascular surgery department at Laniado Hospital in Netanya.

Certificates And Recommendations

Patient Testimonials


I am very pleased with Dr. Sarfati’s treatment. After 4 treatments of sclerotherapy, she knew how to solve the problem of heaviness in my legs and spider veins. The treatment is painless and private insurance covers most of it.


I haven’t worn skirts forever because I was too embarrassed of the varicose veins and spider veins in my legs. Today, thanks to Dr. Sarfati’s treatment I am no longer embarrassed of my legs. I don’t hesitate to wear dresses and skirts and I even go with my kids to the pool. Thank-you so much!


In April 2009, Dr. Susy Sarfati treated me with several injections for my varicose veins. Immediately after the first treatment I didn’t have any more pain and my legs look so much better.


Thanks to Dr. Sarfati’s treatments and advice, I finished my sixth pregnancy easily, without the leg pain that I suffered from in my previous pregnancies. I am so thankful to her.


I had cramping and heaviness in my legs every evening, especially in the summer. Thanks to Dr. Susy, for preventing me from having vascular surgery and treating me professionally and sensitively.

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