There are various methods used when varicose veins are diagnosed.  The goal of all of these methods is to treat the malfunctioning venous area where the blood is flowing in the wrong direction.  The doctor determines based on the Echography Doppler the most appropriate method to be used for the patient. 

One recommended method is sclerotherapy.  This entails injecting chemical materials (liquid or foam) into the vein which seals the vein walls. From the moment it is sealed, wp themes the vein is destroyed gradually. Today, this method replaces surgery. 

Traditional vein-stripping was done to tear out the veins from the ankle up to the groin. Today, this method is outdated because of the many complications involved, such as heavy bleeding, pain and a long recovery time. Other new, less invasive alternatives have been introduced. The Closure procedure uses the heat of a laser fiber or transducer to burn the vein directly and close the incompetent vein.